Handsome or what?

Idioms That Use the Word Keep

Questions: What is the first idiom? True or false: A lonely or nervous person might want you to keep talking to them. What is Joe good at sometimes? What might a pretty girl say to you if she doesn’t like you? Are you good at keeping secrets?


Vocabulary With the Word Cold

Questions: What is the first expression with the word “cold”? True or false: People will give you a cold hard stare when they are happy. How can people talk about cold weather? What might your wife give you if she is angry with you? What do you like that is cold?


Vocabulary With The Word Take

Questions: What is the first expression? True or false: Take the cake means have something to eat. What will coaches say to their players when they want to talk to the team? What expression will you say if you want someone to leave you alone? What do you do when you take a break at…