Really Strange Wh… Questions

Questions: What is the first question? True or false: “When are you leaving?” can be both rude and not rude. What example of a rhetorical question was given by Joe? What question asks someone to leave by hoping they die? Have you ever used any of these questions?


Top Strange Questions in Grocery Stores

Questions: Where animals is asked about in the first strange question? True or false: Grocery stores don’t usually sell seafood. Where are lobsters kept in grocery stores? What is sugar usually sold in? Can you think of any other possible strange questions?


Strange Things To Find in a Bag

Questions What is the first thing you don’t want to find? True or False: A shock might cause a heart attack. What is the third thing you don’t want to find? What is the money covered with? What types of animals are mentioned? Have you ever found something strange?