Expressions for Parties

Questions: What is the first question you can ask about a party. True or false: You never want to know what time a party starts? What are some of the occasions that were mentioned? How can ask the host if they need some help? When was the last time you went to a party?


Really Strange Wh… Questions

Questions: What is the first question? True or false: “When are you leaving?” can be both rude and not rude. What example of a rhetorical question was given by Joe? What question asks someone to leave by hoping they die? Have you ever used any of these questions?


Top Strange Questions in Grocery Stores

Questions: Where animals is asked about in the first strange question? True or false: Grocery stores don’t usually sell seafood. Where are lobsters kept in grocery stores? What is sugar usually sold in? Can you think of any other possible strange questions?


Things You Shouldn’t Say To Customers

Questions: What is the first bad thing to say? True or false: “What are you doing here?” is a very polite question in stores. What question might you ask a friend who doesn’t have a lot of money? What should you do if you suspect that someone is going to rob your store? When was…


Annoying Questions That Kids Sometimes Ask

Questions: What is the first annoying question? True or false: Children sometimes have to use the bathroom during movies. What is a question that kids might ask about a person’s hair? What is the last annoying question? Can you think of any other similar questions?


A Video That You Can Send To Your Friends

Questions: Why does Joe want you to send this video to your friend? True or false: Joe doesn’t know when his best friend’s birthday is. What question does Joe ask about high school? What is the last question? Are you really going to practice speaking with your friend like Joe suggests?