Say This To All The Stupid People You Really Hate

Questions: What is the first expression? True or false: Stuck up people are people who love you. What do we call someone who thinks they are an expert in everything? What is an expression for someone who talks about how well they can play a sport? Do you know any people that match these words?


Vocabulary For What People Do Every Day

What is the first thing that people do every day? True or false: People usually have breakfast, lunch, and dinner. What do people do for fun after work or on weekends? What is something that other people enjoy doing, but Joe doesn’t? What are some things that you did today?


Vocabulary for Bus Passengers

Questions Who are the first type of people you see? True or False: All of the students will be on time. What is the third type of people you see on the bus? Why are drug dealers hard to spot? What do you think your grandmother would say to me?


Top Vocabulary for Thin People

Questions What is the first word? True or False: Emaciated is a positive word. What two positive words start with the letter “s”? What kind of shape do most people want to be in? What do you think about your body?


Things People Do While Waiting

Questions: What is the first thing people do? True or false: Reading helps you to learn English. What did Joe say people use to do some work on? What is a bad thing to do while you are waiting? When was the last time you were waiting for something or someone?


What I Know About Vietnam

What is the first thing I know? True or false: Vietnam and Canada have similar populations. What is the name of the largest city in Vietnam? What is the most important holiday called in Vietnam? What country would you like to visit?