Great Tips for Learning English

Questions How many tips is Joe going to give you? What is the first thing? What stuff should you read? True or False: Speaking to anyone is good for you. Does Joe think you should look for your own writing mistakes? What do you do to improve your English?


How To Improve Your Writing

Question: What is the first way to improve your writing? True or false: The grammar for the word “obesity” is different from the word “fat”. What are some examples of easy mistakes? Should you read your writing to find mistakes or should you hunt for mistakes? How often do you practice writing?


A Story About A Great Student: Nancy

What level was my class? Do the sentences Joe’s students write for him have to be perfect? Where was Nancy from? True or false: Nancy had over 70 mistakes in her first essay. How many essays did Nancy write over the next two weeks? How many mistakes did Nancy have in week five? Where is…