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Words To Describe Pretty Girls

Questions Are these modern words or old fashioned words? What is the first way to describe a pretty girl? What is another word for a formal dance? True or False: a sight for sore eyes means you hurt my eyes. What do boys do sometimes when a pretty girl walk by? Do you know any…


What Guys Think That Girls Talk About

Questions: What is the first thing guys think girls talk about? True or false: Men don’t talk about fingernails. Is gossip usually a good thing? What subject do some guys think girls don’t talk about? Can you think of any other subjects?


Cool Things To Say To A Girl

Questions: What is the first thing you can say? True or false: “You look nice today” can be pronounced in a bad way. What part of a girl’s head does Joe say to ask about? Which thing is just a joke? Do you get nervous when you talk to girls?