Worst Times To Propose Marriage

Questions: When is the first bad time to propose? True or false: Girls won’t answer if you ask them when they are sleeping. What scary time is mentioned by Joe? What should you not clip at the same time as proposing? When do you think is the best time?


Why People Are Attracted To Each Other

Questions: What is the first reason why people are attracted to each other? True or false: Easygoing people usually don’t feel a lot of stress. What do you call people who enjoy going to parties? What quality is something that Joe’s says isn’t a good thing? What attracted you to your partner?


How To Make Your Girlfriend Shoot You

Questions What is the first thing you can do? True or False: Girlfriends don’t mind if you kiss their best friends. What can you call her mother to make your girlfriend shoot you? What is not safe to say to your girlfriend? Does your girlfriend ever get angry at you?