Top Things That Wives Throw At Their Husbands

Questions What is the first thing that wives sometimes throw? True or False: Pillows are less dangerous than shoes when thrown. What did cave women throw at their husbands? What might a woman from a circus throw at her husband? Have you ever had something thrown at you?


Vocabulary About Your Boss

Questions: What is the first thing you should never say? What is the second thing you should never say? What might your boss do if you say that you “hate working here”? What is the last thing you should never say to your boss? Have you ever thought these things about your boss?


Top Places to Find a Boyfriend

Questions Where is the first place? True or False: Most police officers are women. What kind of sports can you play to find a boyfriend? How can a woman enter a men’s prison? Where did you meet your last boyfriend or girlfriend?


Things That Women Never Say

Questions: What is the first thing? True or false: Most women love fat guys. What do women not want their boyfriends to look at? What does Joe suggest you do on your anniversary? What do you think boyfriends should say to their girlfriends?


My Funny Train Story

Who was on the train? How long was the train trip? Who brought snacks? How did I deliver the cookies to Brad? Do you think this is a good way to behave on a train?


Vocabulary for Bus Passengers

Questions Who are the first type of people you see? True or False: All of the students will be on time. What is the third type of people you see on the bus? Why are drug dealers hard to spot? What do you think your grandmother would say to me?