Things You Can Do in Five Minutes

Questions: What is the first thing you can do? True or false: Reading is a great way to learn English. What is the third thing you can do? What is the quickest way to start a fight according to Joe? What were you doing five minutes ago?


Things That Can Get Cancelled

Questions: What is the first thing? True or false: Canada has a lot of snow storms in the winter. What might get cancelled if someone changes their mind? What should you cancel if it gets stolen? Have any of your vacations ever been cancelled?


Vocabulary For Major Events In Life

) Questions: What is the first major milestone? True or false: Mothers sometimes cry when their kids have their first day of school. What is the start of independence? What do you call it when you stop working? What is going to be your next major milestone?


Things I Want To Do In My Life

Questions: What is the first thing on my list? True or false: Joe loves his children dearly. What countries does Joe mention? What does Joe want to do when he is a grandfather? What is on your bucket list?