Great Tips for Learning English

Questions How many tips is Joe going to give you? What is the first thing? What stuff should you read? True or False: Speaking to anyone is good for you. Does Joe think you should look for your own writing mistakes? What do you do to improve your English?

Pretty girls thumb 2

Words To Describe Pretty Girls

Questions Are these modern words or old fashioned words? What is the first way to describe a pretty girl? What is another word for a formal dance? True or False: a sight for sore eyes means you hurt my eyes. What do boys do sometimes when a pretty girl walk by? Do you know any…


Top Things That Wives Throw At Their Husbands

Questions What is the first thing that wives sometimes throw? True or False: Pillows are less dangerous than shoes when thrown. What did cave women throw at their husbands? What might a woman from a circus throw at her husband? Have you ever had something thrown at you?


What People Are Afraid Of

Questions What is the first thing that people are afraid of? What are my children afraid of that I am not? What are some of my students afraid of? Am I afraid of dying? What are some of your fears?


Vocabulary About Car Accidents

Questions What is the first kind of car accident? True or False: Head on collisions are very dangerous. What kind of accident is very minor? What do you say when your car can not be repaired? Have you ever been in a car accident?