Vocabulary To Do With Dating

Questions: What is the first expression? True or False: Going out just means going outside alone. What is the third way to talk about dating? What expression is used to talk about one’s wife? How long have you been going out with your girlfriend or boyfriend?


Vocabulary That Uses The Word Three

Questions: What is the first expression? True or false: “I’m going to count to three” is usually a type of threat. What expression is good luck when you are trying something? What expression means someone is very drunk? Have you ever been very drunk?


Things You Shouldn’t Say On A First Date

Questions: What is the first thing you shouldn’t say? True or false: If you are full of yourself, then you are self-centered. What should you not criticize a girl about on a first date? Is it okay to ask a girl about dating her sister while on a date? Can you think of any other…