Guys You Shouldn’t Date

Questions What is wrong with the first guy? What is wrong with the second guy? True or False: Don’t date guys who want to share your shoes. What is wrong with the fourth guy? Do you have any other possible advice on guys you shouldn’t date?


What Things Should Guys Never Do On Dates

Questions What is the first thing? True or False: Guys should let the girl pay for everything. What shouldn’t guys talk about too much? What might happen if guys kiss other girls while on a date? What are some good things to do while on dates?


Don’t Date These Girls

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXRy-xIRFTY&w=640&h=480] Questions What is the first girl’s bad behavior? What is the second girl’s bad behavior? True or False: You should date a girl who wants to get your name tattooed on her back. Is it a good idea to date a girl who reminds you of your mother? What type of girl do you…