Vocabulary For What People Do Every Day

What is the first thing that people do every day? True or false: People usually have breakfast, lunch, and dinner. What do people do for fun after work or on weekends? What is something that other people enjoy doing, but Joe doesn’t? What are some things that you did today?


Things People Do While Waiting

Questions: What is the first thing people do? True or false: Reading helps you to learn English. What did Joe say people use to do some work on? What is a bad thing to do while you are waiting? When was the last time you were waiting for something or someone?


Things You Can Do In The Wintertime

Questions: What is the first two things you can do? True or false: Skating is not very popular in Canada. Is curling more fun to watch or to play? What kind of snow is good for making a snowman? What do you like to do in the winter?