Expressions You Use To Show Your Support

Questions: What is the first expression? True or false: “Way to go” means you think someone did something great. How do you say you support someone and you are going to help? What is a bad thing to say to someone doing something? Who supports you the most?


Things That Can Get Cancelled

Questions: What is the first thing? True or false: Canada has a lot of snow storms in the winter. What might get cancelled if someone changes their mind? What should you cancel if it gets stolen? Have any of your vacations ever been cancelled?

Pretty girls thumb 2

Words To Describe Pretty Girls

Questions Are these modern words or old fashioned words? What is the first way to describe a pretty girl? What is another word for a formal dance? True or False: a sight for sore eyes means you hurt my eyes. What do boys do sometimes when a pretty girl walk by? Do you know any…


Vocabulary Used At Banks

Questions: What is the first expression used at banks? True or false: A deposit is the opposite of a withdrawal. Where is the money kept in a bank? What do you apply for if you want to borrow money? Did you visit a bank this week?


Say This To All The Stupid People You Really Hate

Questions: What is the first expression? True or false: Stuck up people are people who love you. What do we call someone who thinks they are an expert in everything? What is an expression for someone who talks about how well they can play a sport? Do you know any people that match these words?


Vocabulary About Car Accidents

Questions What is the first kind of car accident? True or False: Head on collisions are very dangerous. What kind of accident is very minor? What do you say when your car can not be repaired? Have you ever been in a car accident?