Why I Love Being a Teacher

) Questions: What is the first reason? True or false: Joe enjoys helping people improve their English. What kind of changes can Joe see while teaching? How does this job make Joe feel? What do you want to be?


Worst Times To Propose Marriage

Questions: When is the first bad time to propose? True or false: Girls won’t answer if you ask them when they are sleeping. What scary time is mentioned by Joe? What should you not clip at the same time as proposing? When do you think is the best time?


Things You Can Do in Five Minutes

Questions: What is the first thing you can do? True or false: Reading is a great way to learn English. What is the third thing you can do? What is the quickest way to start a fight according to Joe? What were you doing five minutes ago?


Stupid Ways To Introduce Yourself

Questions: What is the first stupid way? True or false: Announcing you want to become someone’s best friend is a good idea. Should you ask people about whether or not you smell? What shouldn’t you offer to show people? Can you think of any good ways to introduce yourself?


Holiday customs in North America

Questions: What is the first minor holiday? True or false: Only adults dress up on Halloween. What is the name of the holiday related to love? What do people do on April Fool’s Day? Does your culture have any minor holidays?


Vocabulary About Surprises

Questions: What is the first thing that would surprise you? True or false: Most grandmothers don’t sell drugs. What surprising thing would your baby sister get? What surprising thing would your worst enemy give you? What else would surprise you?


Top Things That Wives Throw At Their Husbands

Questions What is the first thing that wives sometimes throw? True or False: Pillows are less dangerous than shoes when thrown. What did cave women throw at their husbands? What might a woman from a circus throw at her husband? Have you ever had something thrown at you?


What People Are Afraid Of

Questions What is the first thing that people are afraid of? What are my children afraid of that I am not? What are some of my students afraid of? Am I afraid of dying? What are some of your fears?