How I Met My Wife

Questions What year did we meet? Whose party did we meet at? What was I doing when Gail walked into the kitchen? What did I say when I offered her a drink? How did you meet the love of your life?


Hospital Ghost Story

Questions: When did I use to work at a hospital? True or false: Some of the patients used to make cat furniture in a workshop. What did the man in the workshop look like? What did the nurses know about this guy? Have you ever seen something scary like that?


Funny Pronunciation Story

Questions 1. Where was the guy from? 2. Where was the guy visiting? 3. What is the fancy word for bathroom? 4. What did the manager think the man was saying? 5. What words are hard for you to pronounce?


Funny Story At The Airport

Questions What was my friend’s name? What city was he visiting? What question did the customs agent think he answered wrong? What did my friend’s girlfriend give my friend to make him shut up? Have you ever had trouble going through an airport?