Things You Can Do in Five Minutes

Questions: What is the first thing you can do? True or false: Reading is a great way to learn English. What is the third thing you can do? What is the quickest way to start a fight according to Joe? What were you doing five minutes ago?


Great Tips for Learning English

Questions How many tips is Joe going to give you? What is the first thing? What stuff should you read? True or False: Speaking to anyone is good for you. Does Joe think you should look for your own writing mistakes? What do you do to improve your English?


Stupid Ways To Introduce Yourself

Questions: What is the first stupid way? True or false: Announcing you want to become someone’s best friend is a good idea. Should you ask people about whether or not you smell? What shouldn’t you offer to show people? Can you think of any good ways to introduce yourself?


Things That Can Get Cancelled

Questions: What is the first thing? True or false: Canada has a lot of snow storms in the winter. What might get cancelled if someone changes their mind? What should you cancel if it gets stolen? Have any of your vacations ever been cancelled?


Holiday customs in North America

Questions: What is the first minor holiday? True or false: Only adults dress up on Halloween. What is the name of the holiday related to love? What do people do on April Fool’s Day? Does your culture have any minor holidays?

Pretty girls thumb 2

Words To Describe Pretty Girls

Questions Are these modern words or old fashioned words? What is the first way to describe a pretty girl? What is another word for a formal dance? True or False: a sight for sore eyes means you hurt my eyes. What do boys do sometimes when a pretty girl walk by? Do you know any…


How I Met My Wife

Questions What year did we meet? Whose party did we meet at? What was I doing when Gail walked into the kitchen? What did I say when I offered her a drink? How did you meet the love of your life?